Friday, 22 April 2016

# 10 - Nature and Wildlife Tour

Everyone loves a buy one get one free offer.  I'd estimate that it is at least twice as good as a buy one get none free offer.  However, it's only about half as good as a buy one get two free offer.  If you follow my logic here, you'll know that it's also about one third as good as a buy one get three free offer.  Clearly, I could continue with this line of conversation for some time, but I'll stop there.

No sisters, but still a spectacular view
One reason I will stop there is because I think I've probably lost about half of the readers of this post already, and would like to keep the rest.  The other reason is that it conveniently ties in with Kangariffic Hunter Valley Wine Tours.  In the Sydney TripAdvisor Top 100 challenge, Kangariffic Hunter Valley Wine Tours were a buy one get three free offer.  This tour managed to cover #21 Wine Tasting Tour, #16 Beer Tasting Tour and #11 Bus Tour.

That koala's left arm looks almost human
As you may have guessed given the fact that I've rambled on about it for about 10,000 words now, it also covered #10 Nature and Wildlife Tour.  I guess the wine region is nature, although, pretty much everything that isn't man made is nature, I would have thought.  However, the Hunter Valley Wine Tour did also include a stop at the Walkabout Wildlife Park, which also included some close encounters with some wildlife.

What are you looking at?
I won't review the whole tour again, as you can read the overall review at the link above.  In addition, the Dingo Travel Blue Mountains Day Tour also included plenty of nature, and a stop at the Featherdale Wildlife Park.  Again, you can read the full review at the link.

To be honest, it is another very general category.  However, there is no question that there is an abundance of incredible nature and wildlife in the area in and around Sydney, and none of the tours that showcase this are likely to disappoint.  The two mentioned above were excellent tours, and did allow you to see a broad range of animals, plants, trees and flowers.  You can see some incredible nature and wildlife within the city boundaries, but a visit to the Blue Mountains or Hunter Valley does add another dimension.

A laughing kookaburra, I think,,,
What do you think?  Is a specific nature and wildlife tour worthwhile, or do you see enough nature and wildlife just by spending time around Sydney harbour?  The good people at Blogger went to the trouble of creating a comments section, so please take advantage and use the space below to leave any questions or comments.

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