Wednesday, 20 April 2016

# 15 - Watsons Bay

I like the cut of Watsons Bay's jib.  I mean, in a lot of ways it is similar to lots of other places in Sydney.  It has beaches, nice walks with stunning views, parks, cafes, bars and restaurants.  But sometimes, you just like the feel of a place, and that's how I felt about Watsons Bay.

Not quite Bondi Beach, but a nice little beach front all the same
Watsons Bay is located about 11km to the East of the CBD.  You can get there by bus, but the ferry is a much more scenic and relaxing way to make the journey.  It's not a dissimilar ferry journey from the famous Manly ferry, but doesn't seem to get quite as much attention.  The ferry route stops off at a few of the other bays along the coast to the East of the harbour, and is worth a trip in its own right.  

Right beside the ferry wharf, there are a number of cafes and restaurants, including the famous Doyles on the Beach restaurant, which is famous for fish and chips.  We didn't sit in there, but tried some food from the smaller takeaway on the end of the pier.  We thought it was nice, but not outstanding.  As mentioned before, we are far from food critics though.  There's also a nice big grass area which is ideal for, well, sitting around doing nothing.

Cocktails in a jar - how wacky and fun
There are a couple of walks that you can do from the ferry wharf.  One goes up to the North past the excellent Camp Cove beach, then on past the inappropriately named clothing optional Lady Bay beach, on to South Head and Hornby Lighthouse, then back down to the Gap Park.  This is a really beautiful walk, with some great views.  The other walk starts at the Gap Park, and goes South along the coast towards Macquarie Lighthouse.  This is another great walk, and you can of course combine the two walks quite easily.  They are both pretty short, and you can walk the whole way up around South Head, then down to Macquarie Lighthouse, and back to Watsons Bay in a couple of hours.

One of my favourite views in Sydney
There are no shortage of great spots to spend a sunny afternoon on Sydney, but Watsons Bay is definitely one of my favourites.  It feels a bit quieter and more spacious than many of the other spots in Sydney, and I just really liked the vibe of the place.

What's your view?  Is Watsons Bay as good as I think?  Or are other places busier because they're better?  Please share your thoughts below, or ask a question if there's anything you want to know.

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