Tuesday, 19 April 2016

# 16 - Beer Tasting Tour (Kangariffic Hunter Valley Wine Tour)

Finally, after all the museums and culture, something really worth doing.  Now, we actually conducted our own private beer tasting tour at least two or three times a week while we lived in Sydney.  However, since we were too busy drinking beer to be putting reviews on TripAdvisor, our personal tours didn't make it to the top 100.  Bizarrely, the entry for beer tasting tours was the Kangariffic Hunter Valley wine tour.  

I had a look again recently, and I couldn't see 'beer tasting tour' in the top 100 any more, so maybe they have reclassified it.  At the time of writing though, this was the entry.  I've already reviewed the Kangariffic Hunter Valley day trip in an earlier post, and the beer tasting was only a small sample of that review.  The reason for that is that the beer tasting was only a small part of the tour.

This was not the official beer tasting tour.  This was just a Tuesday night
Nonetheless, we did partake in some beer tasting, so I will do my best to review it here.  The beer tasting in question was at Potters Brewery in Hunter Valley.  We arrived in the afternoon after a heavy day of sightseeing in and around the Hunter Valley, so we were more than ready for some nice cold beer.  We were taken in a group and shown some of the brewing equipment, but this was little more than a very brief introduction.  We were also told about the process, and given the opportunity to touch and smell some of the hops and malts used in brewing.

We then lined up at the bar, and listened as the barman gave a brief background to the brewery, before giving a detailed description of each of the beers.  There were about 10 different beers on tap, including several brewed on site.  There were the usual favourites like lagers and IPAs, along with some more unusual offerings, such as a pumpkin beer.  We bought a paddle with 5 different beers to taste, and enjoyed them all.  I don't have the most sophisticated palate in the world though, so that is not really saying much as to whether they were actually good beers or not.

The aussies finally found something useful to do with a cricket bat
We had plenty of time to enjoy our beers, before heading off on the journey home from our Kangariffic tour.  I have to say that calling it a beer tasting tour feels a bit grand for what it actually was.  However, the brewery was nice, and the beer tasted good to my barely functional taste buds.  I really would not place this as the 16th best thing to do in Sydney, but it was a nice visit all the same.

Have you tried the Potters Brewery beers?  Are they actually any good, or do I just have low standards?  Please do the honourable thing and leave a comment below.

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