Saturday, 16 April 2016

# 23 - Cremorne Point to Mosman Bay Walk

Cremorne Point to Mosman Bay is a great walk for people who don't particularly like walks.  At less than 2km in total distance, you can quite easily do it in 45 minutes.  The easiest way to start the walk is with a scenic ferry ride, and the easiest way to finish it is with a scenic ferry ride.  If you get tired of the stunning harbour views, you can always look the other way and admire the colourful gardens and expensive houses at the other side of the walking path.

Squeezing in as many of Sydney's icons as possible
The walk starts at Cremorne Point ferry wharf, with an optional walk down to Robertson Point lighthouse to start it off.  The views from here are spectacular, with the city skyline, the Opera House and the Harbour Bridge all gracing the vista with their presence.  If you can tear yourself away from this, you walk back up the path and continue past the wharf, keeping the coast on your right hand side.

Me blocking an otherwise lovely view
As you walk along, it is all trees, grass and glimpses of glistening blue sea, punctuated with the various expensive yachts moored along the way.  Although it is only a short walk, you might well want to take a break to sit on the grass and admire the view.  As you continue you round, you get to some steps and a boardwalk, and go through some thick forest and pass a lovely little beach.

Who owns all these boats?  We need to make friends with some of them
It feels like the walk has just started, but you are already almost at the end by this stage.  You continue on and pass a small park, before walking on a few hundred metres more to reach Mosman Bay ferry wharf.  There are a few shops here if you find that the 45 minute walk has been too much for you.

Not sure why I insist on wearing a cap and Factor 30 suncream, only to find the one spot of sunshine to stop for a rest
It's a really excellent walk, and given how quick and easy it is to do, is a good option when you have a spare couple of hours.

How do you rate the Cremorne Point to Mosman Bay walk?  Please leave any questions or comments below.

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