Saturday, 16 April 2016

# 26 - Shelley Beach

When I started writing these reviews, I never really thought about how I was going to find original ways to describe very similar things.  Shelley Beach is the 7th, and not the last, beach in the top 100.  I'm really running out of ways to describe what is essentially sand and water.  In an effort to avoid repeating myself, I'll dig out a thesaurus for this one, and see how things go with that.

Shelley Beach - as far as I know, the name has nothing to do with the make up of the sand
So, Shelley Beach is a lovely shore, located just along from Manly waterfront.  The powder is nice and soft, and despite being quite slim, it is also quite profound, so it has a large area of shingle for you to find a nice spot to make your own.  The aqua is generally pretty tranquil and horizontal, with not too many sizeable crests.  The area is popular for aquatics, deep sea diving, snorkeling and stand up paddle boarding.  There are small fields with bathroom facilities, showers, a kiosk and a couple of outdoor cooking appliances.

The boulders, forest and shrubs around the bay are good for exploring.  In one direction, is a nice perambulation along the seaboard towards Manly Beach.  In the other direction, you ascend up some steps to a motor vehicle parking area (8 dollars per hour if you want to park there), which leads to some bluff top views, and the beginning of a lovely strolling trail up towards the North Head.

You can get a nice spot on the sand, and still be about three miles from the water
I'll put the thesaurus away now to summarise.  Different people want different things from beaches, but Shelley Beach was one of my favourite beaches in Sydney.  It's sheltered, not too difficult to get to, has nice sand and water, and is usually a bit quieter than some of the more famous beaches in Sydney.  It also has nice walks nearby, and has all the facilities you need within a short walk.

What do you think about Shelley Beach?  How about my foray into using a thesaurus - would this improve my posts if I did this more often?  Thoughts, questions, outlandish statements completely unrelated to Shelley Beach - please leave them all in the comments below.

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