Saturday, 16 April 2016

# 29 - Sydney Jewish Museum

I have to be honest.  We tend to avoid any attractions which involve horrific episodes in our past.  For example, when we went to Krakow, we declined to visit Auschwitz, although it was only an hour away.  I know these things happened, and I know we must never forget them, I just don't really like reminding myself how sickening the human race can be at times.  However, since the Sydney Jewish Museum was part of the top 100, we made an exception.

No pictures allowed inside, so just pictures of the outside

The museum is located on Burton Street in Darlinghurst, in an area you are not overly likely to walk through by chance.  You need to leave your bags and cameras, and pass through almost airport like security to enter the building.  The fact that they feel the need for this is really quite depressing.  Once inside, there are guided tours available, or you can take a leaflet and make your own way around.

Not really sure what purpose this picture serves, but it's always nice to break up the text...
The museum is a very nice space.  Clean, bright and well lit, and it is nicely laid out so that you can walk around quite easily.  It is over two floors, but is not huge, so you can probably get through everything in an hour or two.  Unsurprisingly, there is a very calm and sombre vibe.  There are some videos talking about the holocaust and life for Jewish people in Nazi Germany, as well as a range of exhibits.  There is a range of artefacts, photos and stories, that chart the story of the holocaust, from the rise of Hitler, right through to the lasting effects that we can still see today.

It goes without saying that this is not a fun attraction, but it is a poignant, educational and powerful museum.  It is an excellent collection, very well organised, and tells a story that needs to be remembered.  Very much worth a visit, despite the often harrowing content.

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