Friday, 15 April 2016

# 31 - Circular Quay

The first thing to note about Circular Quay is that is not in fact circular.  I guess they just decided that 'rectangular quay' didn't have as nice a ring to it.  And yes, I know it's not quite a rectangle either.  

Circular Quay - quite clearly not circular
Geometry aside, Circular Quay is the hub of Sydney.  It's the bit of land that joins the Opera House to the Harbour Bridge, and as a result, has stunning views all around.  It is also the main ferry terminal in the city, as well as hosting a train station and a bus station.  There's also a cruise ship terminal on the opposite side from the Opera House.  If there is one place you should have no problem getting to in Sydney, it is Circular Quay.

A drink and a Harbour Bridge view - a sure way to get a smile from Lisa
As well as being one of the more attractive transport hubs around the world, Circular Quay also has plenty happening in and around it to keep you busy for a while.  There are bars, cafes, restaurants and shops all around the quay.  They range from Hungry Jack's (the Australian Burger King), right up to top of the range restaurants where you may need to take out a second mortgage if you feel like stretching to dessert.  Many of these have views of the Opera House and / or the Harbour Bridge.  In general, the better the view, the higher the prices.

See - a drink and a Harbour Bridge view, works every time
In addition to the options to eat and drink, there is generally some form of street entertainment going on as well.  Sometimes it is a didgeridoo player, sometimes a magician or some other form of entertainment.  Sometimes there is one of those guys who dresses up like a statue and then stands really still, if you consider that entertainment.  There are also various benches, steps, walls and grass areas around the area if you just want to sit around and take in the scene around you.

Being a transport hub, it can get extremely busy and noisy, so if you don't like crowds, then this might not be your favourite spot in Sydney.  There's also no shortage of people trying to flog you tickets to tourist attractions or otherwise find ways to part you from your newly converted Australian dollars.

On the ferry shortly after leaving Circular Quay - Circular Quay is to the right of the Opera House
All in all, Circular Quay is a pretty hard place to avoid if you're in Sydney.  In my view that's not a bad thing.  It's full of energy and hustle and bustle, and you can't argue with the views.

What's your opinion?  Is Circular Quay an attraction in its own right, or just an unavoidable nuisance that has to be negotiated to get to the more enjoyable sights around Sydney?  Make your current thoughts permanent by putting them in a comment below.

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