Friday, 15 April 2016

#33 - City Tour

When I first saw this category appear in the top 100, I literally fell to my knees and wept tears of joy. I had been concerned that after the cultural tours, walking tours, bike tours, sightseeing tours, private tours, boat tours and helicopter tours, there would be no way for people to find out how to experience a city tour.

Of course, I am being sarcastic.  All of the 7 categories mentioned above are city tours, so you can take your pick of which one you are most interested in reading about, and click on the corresponding link to read more.

If you actually hoped to find some useful information about city tours, rather than some lame attempt at humour, then try reading #43, Sightseeing Tour.  In that review, I give a short description of the various types of tour that are available in Sydney.  Of course, you may be upset at having to a read a review on sightseeing tours, which are only ranked #43, rather than a review of city tours, which are so much more appealing to the TripAdvisor clientele.  For that, I humbly apologise.

Are you outraged at my blatant lack of knowledge on the distinction between a sightseeing tour and a city tour?  Please communicate that outrage through the medium of a thoughtful and well crafted comment below.

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