Friday, 15 April 2016

# 34 - Centennial Park

Apparently, Centennial Park covers 189 hectares.  If you're anything like me, you have no idea how big a hectare is, which makes this pretty useless information.  You sometimes hear people talking about hectares when it comes to the size of land that comes with property, but since I've never owned property with anything more than a small patch of grass out the back, I've never had to learn how big a hectare is, let alone 189 hectares.  If nothing else, Centennial Park has given me a much clearer idea of how big 189 hectares is.

I know, it's not the most scenic side of Centennial Park - it's just because it has the name in the background...
However, Centennial Park does have other purposes, in addition to just acting as a guide as to the size of 189 hectares.  It actually has a pretty big list of stuff going on inside it.  It has grass, trees, paths (important not to forget the paths), ponds that are so big I'm not sure if you can still call them ponds.  It has a pavilion, an oval and barbecue pits.  It has a labyrinth.  Sydney's first public stone labyrinth, so they say.  Which implies that there are private stone labyrinths somewhere around Sydney.  I'm curious as to who owns these, and why they don't share them with the general public.

It has loads of things to do.  You can walk, you can cycle, roller-blade, skateboard or bounce around on a space hopper.  You can go for a picnic or go bird watching.  You can sit on the grass and go people watching.  There are playgrounds and horse riding, although we never saw anyone horse riding.  If you stop to look at the sky around sunset, you'll see lots of birds flying about above your head.  Except they're not birds, they are bats.  Big bats.

There are places to eat and drink, from takeaway gelato to proper sit-down meals.  There are all kinds of events on, from sports and organised lessons, to pop up fun parks.  In the summer, there is an open air cinema.

The outdoor cinema - a great Sydney summertime activity
All this stuff, and its just half an hour's bus ride from the CBD.  I'm not even going to be sarcastic about this.  Centennial Park is a nice big open park, with lots of space, and lots of things to do.  I wouldn't put it as a must see if you're on a short holiday to Sydney, but if you're on a longer holiday, or live in Sydney, then it is definitely worth checking out.  A nice place to spend a sunny day.

Have I missed anything out?  Are there even more things to do in Centennial Park?  If so, type some words on your keyboard that represent your thoughts, hit enter, and watch as they magically appear in the comments section below

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