Friday, 15 April 2016

# 35 - Australian National Maritime Museum

Another day in the Sydney TripAdvisor Top 100 challenge, another museum.  We really should have decided to do the top 100 pubs in Sydney or something more suited to our lifestyle.  I don't really understand people's obsession with walking around looking at old stuff, particularly when you're in a city with such outstanding natural beauty right outside.  However, we made our bed, and so we had to lie in it.

Two thousand IS a lot of gift ideas
The Australian National Maritime Museum is a large nautical themed museum located in Darling Harbour.  It's a pretty big museum, and as you'd expect, it is full of all kinds of boat related displays.  As well as the indoor attractions, there is a lighthouse on the wharf that you can visit, and there are often floating attractions of some description docked outside.  When we were there the HMB Endeavour, which is a replica of the more famous HMS Endeavour (the boat that arrived on in Botany Bay with Captain Cook in 1770), was an option on your ticket.  I believe it is usually there, but is sometimes out sailing.  At times, I think there is also a submarine that you can explore.

Pretty sure I'm looking at the wrong bit here
In the main building, there are various large rooms over two floors.  There are boats, canoes, displays relating to the navy, some stuff on aboriginal culture, pictures and stories relating to water in general.  Basically, just about anything you can think of that could be related to the word 'maritime' is included in there somewhere.  There is even a big boat made out of beer cans.  It says a lot about us that this was thing we remember most.

We could launch an armada in weeks if we learned how to do this
You can easily spend a good few hours walking around the various exhibits, both inside and outside.  As with all of these museums, it really does depend on whether you have an interest in the subject or not.  It's certainly pretty comprehensive, but my interest in sailing begins and ends with cruising along on a nice sunny day with a beer in my hand.  As a result, this was a bit much for me.  It's not overly interactive, and to be honest, I was a bit bored by the end.

Call me health and safety mad, but I think flying a full size helicopter indoors is a bit irresponsible
Did you find the Australian National Maritime Museum exciting enough to keep you entertained for a few hours, or did you find it a bit of a slog?  Share your views in the comments below.

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