Wednesday, 13 April 2016

#45 - Susannah Place Museum

Susannah Place Museum is basically an old house.  Or four old houses to be exact.  It is a row of terraced houses in The Rocks that were built by Irish immigrants in 1844.  I think people lived in them right up until the 1990s, although they clearly didn't redecorate much.  The only way to see it is by guided tour, which costs about 8 dollars, and runs at 2pm, 3pm and 4pm every day.

It could be doing with a lick of paint
Credit it where it is due, the people who run the museum really squeeze every bit of interest out of these old houses.  The different houses are preserved as at different time periods, and as you're guided through each of them, you are told stories about the actual people who lived there, and some of their trials and tribulations.  As with all of these things, this could all be complete lies to make the tour more entertaining, but I like to have a bit more faith than that in the good people at Susannah Place Museum.

And a coat of varnish
In addition to the interiors, you are also taken through the outdoor areas, including completely separate kitchens and bathrooms.  There is also an old fashioned store, with a bunch of old looking stuff.  I can't actually remember if they were real things you can buy, or just fake stuff for decoration.  I guess you'll just have to leave that as an exciting surprise, if you can handle the suspense.

Lisa looking for the self service till
In a lot of ways, the Susannah Place Museum is just another display of old stuff, just like any other museum.  However, as mentioned above, I think they deserve credit for making the old stuff about as interesting as it can be.  I don't think I'll ever be lying on my deathbed, with tears in my eyes as I face the realisation that I will never again see the inside of the Susannah Place Museum, but it's actually not bad.  The tour only takes an hour, and you can head up to the Australian Hotel straight afterwards to work on your Beer Passport.

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