Tuesday, 12 April 2016

#46 - State Theatre

Our first few minutes in the State Theatre were among our most distressing moments in our entire time in Sydney.  We were running slightly late, due to my work failing to understand the concept of having a life outside of work.  We rushed up the stairs and tried to quietly sneak into our seats on the mezzanine level.

We needn't have worried about being quiet, as we opened the door to be greeted by the horrific sound of a woman screaming uncontrollably, accompanied by the melodic sounds of a crying baby.  By the time we found our seats, an angry shouting man had joined the harrowing soundtrack, threatening to do all kinds of horrible things to both the woman and their infant child.

The pictures on the screen did little to lighten the atmosphere.  We were treated to the sight of a very young baby, rolling around in its own filth, in a disgusting room, littered with drug paraphernalia.  The man then proceeded to forcibly inject the woman with drugs, before raping her in front of their young child.  This was cultural karma punishing us for choosing to watch a movie at the Sydney Film Festival, rather than watch a traditional theatre show at the State Theatre.

People leaving the theatre in a daze, following the horror of 'A Second Chance'
Despite the traumatic experience of our first Danish subtitled film - called 'A Second Chance' by the way, in case my brief review has whetted you appetite - the State Theatre was actually pretty nice.  The location is very central, on Market Street, and the building is fine from the outside, and suitably grand inside.  The theatre itself is very nice and has comfortable seats, and the fancy curtains and decorations around the stage and side stalls that seems to drive theatre lovers crazy.  The acoustics and view were good, even although we wished they weren't at times.

All in all, it's a very nice theatre.  As with my other reviews of this type of attraction, it wouldn't really be worth a special visit for me, but a nice place to catch a show if there's one you are interested in.  Having said that, the State Theatre does actually do guided tours outwith the shows themselves, so there obviously are some people who find it interesting enough to warrant a special visit.

Have you also been scarred by watching 'A Second Chance'?  Have you done the guided tour - is it worth doing?  As always, please leave a comment to share your thoughts.

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