Tuesday, 12 April 2016

#48 - James Craig Tall Ship

The James Craig Tall Ship is a tall ship named after a man called James Craig.  It is berthed at Wharf 7 in Pyrmont, which is just past the Australian National Maritime Museum.  It does actually go to sea quite regularly, and is even available for charter and functions.  We just did the tour while it was docked though.

Just how tall is a tall ship?  Too tall to fit it all in the frame of our photo
I think this is another one that probably falls into a relatively niche category.  If you are interested in old ships, then you will love the James Craig Tall Ship.  It's very well preserved, and on the tour you get to see all around the ship, both above and below deck.  I think the tour guides are volunteers, and they are definitely very enthusiastic and knowledgeable about the ship.

At the risk of exposing myself as slightly cynical, for someone with only a passing interest in old ships, it was interesting for a twenty minute wander around, but probably not much more than that.  It was interesting to see where people ate, slept and lived on the boat, but there wasn't really enough to keep us entertained for much longer than twenty minutes.

No idea why they stuck a grand piano in front of the steering wheel
I think if you actually went out to sail on the boat it would be a much more interesting experience.  There are loads of ropes and sails, so it would be much more interesting to see the ship in action, rather than just walking around while docked.  It costs about 170 dollars to do the day's sailing though, so you would have to be particularly interested to go for it.  It would be pretty nice to cruise around the heads of Sydney on a ship like this though.

What's your view - is the James Craig Tall Ship an endless supply of entertainment, or just an old boat?  Please leave a comment and let us know your thoughts.

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