Sunday, 10 April 2016

#52 - Milson's Point

Milson's Point is the area in Sydney directly underneath the Harbour Bridge on the North side of the harbour.  It's a relatively small area, but it manages to pack in Luna Park, the Olympic Pool North Sydney, a train station, and lots of grassy areas to sit admiring the bridge.  There are also often markets on in the tunnel under the train station, and the area beside it.  There are various kinds of shops, but the food stalls were what really caught my eye, or nose.

You won't be surprised, given that I've just said it has a train station, to hear that you can get there by train.  However, I would only do that if you are staying outside of the city centre, or are short of time.  If you are in the city centre, then a much nicer way to get there is to walk across the Harbour Bridge.  It only takes about 15 minutes to walk across, assuming you don't spend 30 minutes taking photos.

Now, come on, it is a pretty nice spot for a picnic, if you like that type of thing
The third alternative is to get the ferry across, which drops you right outside Luna Park.  This is also a very nice way to arrive at Milson's Point.  If you leave from Circular Quay, it gives you some excellent views of the Opera House and Harbour Bridge on the way over.  A good idea would be to walk over the bridge in one direction, and take the ferry for the other direction.

There is not too much more to say about Milson's Point without turning it into a review of the individual attractions within the area.  It's definitely worth a trip, whether you are visiting Luna Park, going for a swim in the Olympic Pool, grabbing a quick drink after walking across the Harbour Bridge, or just coming for a quick look at the Habour Bridge and Opera House from a different angle.

The Opera House under the Harbour Bridge - definitely one of my favourite Opera House / Harbour Bridge combos
Have I missed anything out about Milson's Point?  Please share your thoughts below.

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