Sunday, 10 April 2016

#54 - Bike Tour (Bike Buffs Bike Tour)

For the avoidance of doubt, this was not a tour of a bike.  We didn't meet up and get shown around the finer points of a bike from handlebars to the inner tube of the tyres.  Instead, we met up with our guide, and were taken around Sydney, using a bike as the mode of transport.

The company we used for the tour was called Bike Buffs.  It's a kind of funny sounding name, and the tour guide, Graeme, is a kind of funny guy.  I mean that in the nicest possible way.  We met up with Graeme in The Rocks, where he was waiting with a pick up truck loaded with bikes.  I don't know if word had got around about us, but this was another tour where we ended up being the only paying customers.

There are no words to describe how horrific this picture is
It turned out that Graeme was trialing some electric bikes, and so we got to try these on our tour for no extra cost.  They weren't the most attractive bikes I've ever seen, but they were grand, and did the job perfectly well.  As it turned out, we really liked the electric bikes.  The tour isn't particularly hilly, but neither of us are big cyclists, so we were grateful for the extra assistance as and when we needed / wanted it.  You also get to wear the fetching green helmets pictured above.  This is probably not a great tour if you want to spend your time in Sydney looking cool.

Assuming you are quite comfortable cycling, then a bike tour is a good balance between a walking tour and a bus tour.  You get to cover more distance than you could on a walking tour, but get much more of a feel for the area than you do jumping on and off a bus tour.

It's the Harbour Bridge, from a slightly different angle to our other 367 Harbour Bridge pictures
The tour started about 10.30am and lasted until 4pm, with a coffee stop and lunch stop fitted in during that time.  You cover a lot of ground, and we cycled around Observatory Hill, Darling Harbour, Lavender Bay, Mrs Macquarie's Point and the Botanic Gardens, among others.  You also got to cycle right in front of the Opera House, and twice across the Harbour Bridge.  The cycle path on the Harbour Bridge is for bikes only, so the only way to get that particular view is to cycle across it, although you can of course walk across the footpath on the other side of the bridge.

I'm pretty sure it was our camera that was squint - I don't remember the Opera House being uphill from the Harbour Bridge
We had been in Sydney for a while by the time we did this, so we had seen most of the sights before, although never on bike.  One new attraction for us was Wendy's Secret Garden, in Lavender Bay. This is a lovely hidden garden with lots of flowers, plants and trees, and a hard to beat view of the Harbour Bridge.

Wendy's Secret Garden - not so secret now Wendy, eh?
It was a fairly long day, but we had plenty of stops for photos, rests, snacks and drinks.  As mentioned before, Graeme is quite a character, so you can expect interaction with random passers by.  You will need to decide for yourself whether you would find that entertaining or not.  You will certainly get to see plenty of sights, and come away with lots of great photos.  Greame took lots of extra photos on his own camera, which he emailed to us free of charge.

This is why you should always, always carry your own bike helmet with you
Are you a bike buff yourself?  Upset at me for letting out the secret about Wendy's Secret Garden? Please state your opinions as if they are facts in the comments below

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