Sunday, 10 April 2016

#55 - Eco Tours (Blue Mountains Eco Tours)

If I had to pick two categories in the top 100 that are most at odds with each other, I would suggest that 'Four Wheel Drive Tour' and 'Eco Tour' would be reasonable candidates.  I'm sure eco-warrier type people are always complaining about people driving around in big 4x4's.  Nonetheless, people much wiser than me at TripAdvisor have decided that the tour we did with Blue Mountains Eco Tours fits into both categories.  In fairness, the tour was in a four wheel drive car, and the company has 'Eco Tours' in its name.  So, maybe they are quite right.

Anyway, whether it is right or wrong, that is how its been classified, so that is how we have treated it in our challenge.  So, this is another doubler.  See #60, Four Wheel Drive and Off Road Tours for the full review.

What do you think, can a four wheel drive tour really call itself an 'eco' tour?  Let us know your thoughts...

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