Saturday, 9 April 2016

#57 - West Head Lookout

They love their heads in Sydney.  There is North Head, South Head, and Middle Head in the harbour, and if you head (boom-boom) a bit further North into Ku-Ring-Gai Chase, you get to West Head.  It always slightly confused me that West Head is actually further North than North Head, and South Head is further West than West Head.  I'm not sure of the exact requirements for a piece of land to be designated a 'head', but if it is to have spectacular views, then all of the aforementioned heads are worthy of the title.

Not sure why I look quite so sombre, it's a really nice place
It's a nice one hour drive from Sydney to get to the West Head Lookout, which is about 40km North of the city centre.  There is parking once you get there, and a nice paved area for wandering around and admiring the view.  And a fine view it is too.  The key highlight is the view to the East, which looks out on to Palm Beach and Barrenjoey Lighthouse, but the view in all directions is pretty tasty.  There are also a few benches and a picnic area nearby.

This is one of those, 'if only the sky was blue, or I could be bothered to learn photoshop' pictures
In addition to the viewing point, it is also the starting point to a few walks.  There are a number of nice beaches in the area, and you can take some nice walking paths to get to them.  The paths can get pretty steep, so be aware of that before starting out.  Once you get there, the beaches are lovely though.

Looking across from West Head Beach to yet another head - Barrenjoey Head
One final point to know is that there is a park entry fee to enter the main park.  I think it is about 12 dollars, but check the website to be sure.

Overall, it's a stunning viewpoint in a lovely area.  I wouldn't necessarily come just for this one viewpoint, but the area itself is stunning, so it is worth making a day of it, and the West Head Lookout is a very worthy part of that day.

That little boat was really determined to get in all our pictures - probably one of that attention seeking Home & Away crowd
Have I missed any Heads?  Is there an East Head lurking around somewhere that I don't know of?  As always, please share any and all thoughts in the comments below.

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