Saturday, 9 April 2016

#58 - State Library of New South Wales

I don't know about you, but I've never visited a library on my holidays, no matter how good the library was.  In saying that, I've never visited a library since I left university, so that's probably not saying much.  Maybe there is a massive population of library fanatics who make it their first port of call in any new city.  And, of course, things to do in Sydney are not restricted to things to do for tourists.  People living in Sydney have to do things too, and maybe they are the people who have voted the State Library of NSW into the lofty position of 58th best thing to do in Sydney.

The 'see, we really did go' photo
Anyway, regardless of our opinions about the reasonableness of including a library in the top 100, it was in the top 100, so we had to do it.  I'm trying to be positive, so let's say that the location is fantastic.  It's very central, sandwiched between the CBD and the Botanic Gardens.  It's a nice enough building too, and inside is absolutely fine.  There are lots of books, and some big halls with desks, and all the type of thing you normally see in a library.

The old fashioned equivalent of a Kindle
It does also tend to have events or exhibitions on.  When we went, it was a 'Pulp Confidential' exhibition about the pulp fiction books from the 40's and 50's.  Absolutely nothing to do with Quentin Tarantino.  More's the pity.

Quick AND dirty - that's my kind of publishing
I'm not really sure why you would go here unless you want to read a book, study or go to one of the exhibitions.  If you want to do any of those things, then this is a fine place to do them.  Otherwise, maybe skip it and go for a pint instead.

Want to stick up for the State Library of NSW?  Have I done it an injustice with my ambivalent attitude?  Let us know why by sharing a comment.

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