Saturday, 9 April 2016

#63 - The Gap Park

The Gap Park is a cliffside park, located in Watson's Bay, near to South Head.  You can get there by bus, but the much more scenic and relaxing way to get there is by taking the ferry to Watson's Bay.  It's just a short walk from the ferry terminal.

This is what scenery looks like
Despite being called a park, we didn't come across any swings, slides, or even a decent climbing frame.  It seems that people tend to visit the Gap Park to enjoy the views, rather than to help their hyperactive children burn off their excess energy.  This is quite convenient, as the Gap Park happens to be located in a position with spectacular views in all directions.  They really got lucky there.

To the North, you can see out over the South Head, towards the North Head, if the that wasn't too confusing.  The view to the East is much simpler.  It is simply endless ocean as far as the eye can see, framed by a spectacular foreground of sheer cliffs and crashing waves.  To the South you can follow the cliff faces as they snake their way along the coastline, accompanied by yet more of the surf that Sydney is famous for, slowly eroding the cliffs.  To the East, you look out over Watson's Bay, towards the city, with the iconic Sydney skyline including the harbour bridge providing a sumptuous background.  Yeah, I just can't get away with using the word sumptuous.  Sorry for creating that awkwardness.

The spectacular cliffs at the Gap Park
It also has a depressing history of suicides in the area.  Apparently, it is not uncommon for people to decide that the cliffs are the ideal place to end it all.  As a result, you will see countless signs for the samaritans and other support groups.  There are some sobering stories there if you want to seek them out.

Sound advice
In a city of almost endless spectacular panoramas, the Gap Park provides one of the best.  It really is an excellent place to stroll around the scenic pathways, and enjoy the peace, quiet and sensational views.  Once you've had enough fresh air and scenery, you can return to Watson's Bay for some fish and chips, or cold beers in the excellent cafes and bars near the ferry terminal.

Can you recommend a good see-saw in the area for people disappointed at the lack of traditional park facilities?  Please share this, along with any other thoughts on the Gap Park, in the comments below

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