Saturday, 9 April 2016

#64 - Powerhouse Museum

I think the Powerhouse Museum wins the title of most enigmatically named museum in the top 100 list.  It's not really obvious from the name exactly what the museum holds.  It sounds like it isn't a normal museum, as they generally have dull names like The Australian Museum, but it is certainly not as descriptive as the Museum of Contemporary Art, for example.  As it turns out, it is part of a 'museum' called the Museum of Applied Arts & Sciences.  This museum seems to be across a collection of venues, and includes the Powerhouse Museum, Sydney Observatory and Discovery Centre.

Regardless of the appropriateness of the name, the Powerhouse Museum is a very large museum, with a variety of displays with a bias towards science based exhibitions.  It includes a locomotive steam train, an old art deco cinema, and various smaller science based attractions.  Many of these are interactive and allow you to control various interesting scientific activities.  We found it pretty well organised and interesting.

Looking back, I think this is when Lisa's megalomania really started

Given the size of the museum, you could easily spend a good few hours without seeing everything.  We found it all very interesting, and thought it was one of the more enjoyable museums in Sydney, but it did get a bit tiring.  Most adults will probably have more stamina than us, but children may struggle to see everything in one go, so you might want to prioritise and see the ones they are interested in first.  There is also a decent sized cafe with a pretty good selection of food and drinks onsite, so you could always start in the morning, then take a break for lunch before finishing off.

A train
The final point to note is that, like many museums, they generally have temporary exhibitions on. For example, at the time of writing they have a DC Comics exhibition on, which apparently showcases lego sculptures of the heroes of DC Comics.  Not my cup of tea, but I know lots of people are crazy about that stuff.

The location, by the way, is next to the Ian Thorpe Aquatic Centre, not far from Darling Harbour and Chinatown.  It's not right in the middle of the main tourist route, so you could easily miss this one out if you don't go looking for it.  And, given the uninformative name, you could easily dismiss it without giving it due consideration.  If you did, I think it would be a shame.  It's a good museum, and much more interactive than a lot of the museums in Sydney.  Still not enough to convert me into a museum fan, but one of the better ones out there.

I admit I could look more excited, but it is a good museum
Do you agree?  Have you been to the lego-comic exhibition?  Add some rational views to add some balance to the conversation via the comments

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