Friday, 8 April 2016

#68 - South Cronulla Beach

It's quite possible we may have the wrong pictures on this one.  Before you think this is another 'Sydney Harbour Circle Walk' debacle, we definitely did go to South Cronulla Beach.  It's just that there is also a North Cronulla Beach, and we visited both on the same day.  The two beaches are right next to each other, but entirely different.  North Cronulla Beach is a long, thin strip of sand, while South Cronulla Beach is much shorter and wider.  However, up close, well, they're both just sand and water.  I'm pretty sure the picture below contains both (South Cronulla Beach being closest to the camera on the left of the picture), but hopefully some kind-hearted reader can add a comment to confirm or deny.

South Cronulla beach.  Maybe.
The big selling point of South Cronulla Beach is that it can be reached by train.  It is the only beach in Sydney that is along the train line, so this is a big plus.  I think it was around 40 minutes from the centre of Sydney, and the train ride has some nice scenery along the way.  The downside of being so accessible is that it gets extremely busy.  The upside is that it also has lots of shops, cafes and bars within easy walking distance of the beach.  There are also some nice parks nearby.

It can get a little bit busy
It's well worth a visit if you've done the main beaches and don't mind a bit of a crowd, but in my view, there are some quieter beaches that are equally nice, and quicker to get to, albeit by bus.  It's certainly not a bad beach, but in a city of great beaches, it doesn't quite make it to the top for me.

Are there any big fans of South Cronulla Beach who disagree?  Can you at least confirm whether my picture above even shows South Cronulla Beach?  Please leave a comment below.

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