Friday, 8 April 2016

#69 - Observatory Hill

If you've read the review of #78, Sydney Observatory, you will have already heard me saying some nice things about Observatory Hill.  It is, like most hills, a large lump of earth and rocks, elevated slightly higher than the rest of the surrounding terrain.  Unlike most hills, the surrounding terrain includes what has been described as the most perfect natural harbour in the world.

Observatory Hill is pretty close to The Rocks and the CBD of Sydney.  It's not completely straightforward to find though, as the main road leading up to Harbour Bridge is in the way if you are coming from Circular Quay.  There are a few different routes to get there, but in this era of Google Maps on your smartphone, I'm sure you can manage to get there.

Nice view towards North Sydney from Observatory Hill
The hill is not actually that much of a hill.  You can probably leave your crampons and pick-axe at home, as it is a relatively gentle uphill stroll, depending on which way you come from.  At the very top is Sydney Observatory, but just in front of that is a nice grass park with a 'rotunda', benches, exercise stations, and apparently, a tennis court, although we somehow managed to miss that despite visiting on multiple occasions.

Part of the reason we may have missed it is because we would have been focusing on the spectacular view.  The headline act is the Harbour Bridge, and the North shore of Sydney Harbour, but the view out over Balmain to the West is also postcard perfect.  It was always pretty quiet and peaceful when we were there, and the new Barangaroo Reserve may help keep it that way.  Definitely one of the best spots in Sydney to admire the view in relative tranquility.

I know it doesn't look it, but it was sunny enough to warrant sunglasses
Do you have anything to add?  Are the tennis courts that easy to miss?  Please share your thoughts in the comments

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