Wednesday, 6 April 2016

#76 - Escape Games (Mission Escape)

Whoever managed to obtain funding to start this venture must have returned home from selling snow to the eskimos, and felt like a real challenge.  The basic principle is this: you, and a bunch of friends, colleagues or kindly strangers get locked in a room.  You have to try and get out of the room.  That's it.  Of course, a description like that is probably the reason my own 'pay me to lock you in a room' business never took off.

Unsurprisingly, they throw in a few puzzles and games to make 'escaping' a bit more fun.  We went with a company called Mission Escape, but there are a few with decent reviews.  The game we went for was called 'Dr M', and was one of the more expensive games on the market.  I won't reveal too much about it, because it completely spoils it if you plan to do one, but the general summary is that it was good fun, but not a must-do, especially if you are only in Sydney for a short time.

Much better than those fictional room escape games
We actually didn't just have to escape from one room, but had a few rooms to work our way through.  At times our group was separated - two in one room, and four in another, but once you solved the first few puzzles you were reunited.  There was some hi-tech stuff in our game involving lasers and the likes, which at least felt like you were getting something for your money.

Some of the puzzles were much simpler than we thought, and we actually wasted time assuming they were a bit more complex.  You have a walkie-talkie that you can use for help if you need it, although I think it adds time to your time if you go on to escape.  We did have to use it a couple of times.  Most of them were mental type puzzles, although a couple had a slight physical element.  One frustrating element was a code breaking task, where if you entered the wrong code three times, you couldn't try again for five minutes.  It makes perfect sense in terms of the challenge, but it's not overly entertaining sitting around waiting for your five minutes to run out so you can try again.

Sadly, we didn't make it out of Dr M's laboratory, but we gave it a good shot.  You're not allowed photos inside the game, by the way, hence the lack of photos.

Is it good fun to get locked in a room?  Have you tried any of the other escape rooms in Sydney?  As always, share your thoughts in the comments below

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