Wednesday, 6 April 2016

#77 - Boat Tours (Oz Jetboating)

There are quite a few boat tours in Sydney, and we did do a few of them, but we chose Oz Jetboating as our 'official' boat tour for the purposes of the top 100, on the basis that it was the most fun.  If you spend any time around Sydney Harbour, you will almost certainly see at least one of these boats, or one of their competitors, zooming around the harbour.  You may also hear the screams before you see the boat.

The driver isn't even looking where he's going
The basic premise is that you get on to a pier at the side of Circular Quay, put all your valuables and anything that may not take too kindly to a thorough soaking into a safe box, and slip into a fetching waterproof cape type thing.  You then pile into an entertainingly painted jet boat with about 20 other people.  You cruise slowly out of Circular Quay, then as soon as you are out in open water, you start speeding around the place, doing all kinds of irresponsible maneuvers and tricks.  There are doughnuts, figure of eights, zig-zagging and whatever it is called when you go really really fast, then slam the brakes on so the front of the boat dips into the water, and the back of the boat flies up into the air.

There was an occasional bit of spray
It does go really fast, you do get thrown around a little bit, and you absolutely get soaked.  Provided you have no problems with any of those things, it is an absolute blast.  You also get to see a lot of Sydney Harbour pretty quickly, but you may be too focused on not being catapulted at high speed into the sparkling water to notice.  I think this is a pretty easy one to judge - you will either love it or hate it, and you almost certainly know before you do it.

The wet t-shirt I can handle, but the wet patch on the shorts is just unfortunate...

Is the Oz Jet Boat the best boat tour on the harbour?  Do you prefer to keep the water in the sea where it belongs?  Share your thoughts in the comments below

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