Wednesday, 6 April 2016

#79 - Newport Beach

Number 79, and we hit our second beach of the top 100.  It's kind of hard to review a beach, because people have their own ideas on what they like in a beach.  One man's meat is another man's poison.  Or one man's awesome gnarly waves are another man's terrifying death wish.  Some people like a small, narrow strip of sand, others can't see past a beach with plenty of nice big sand dunes.  Some people even like those black sand ones you get on some volcanic islands.  Anyway, I will just tell you what I thought about Newport Beach, and you can make your own mind up about whether it sounds like your kind of beach or not.

First off, it is a fair distance from Sydney CBD.  It's about a 45 minute drive, give or take.  It has parking right beside the beach, which had plenty of spaces when we went there, but it wasn't the greatest of weather that day.  I could see you struggling to find a space on a peak day with perfect weather.  I'm also not sure about public transport - you will definitely be able to get there by bus, but I'm not sure how much of a pain it would be.

What better way to enjoy a lovely beach than to sit looking at it from a distance?
The beach itself is quite noticeably red / dark orange compared to most beaches around Sydney.  It's a pretty long and wide stretch of sand, although not a behemoth in Sydney terms.  It has one of the common saltwater lap pools that you see at many beaches in and around Sydney.  When I first saw those it seemed like the most ridiculous idea ever, but they actually make a lot of sense and can be really useful.  The water itself was pretty calm when we were there, and I believe it is relatively safe for swimming, although maybe not for small children.

There are also a few shops and cafes etc within easy reach of the beach, so you don't necessarily need to pack a massive hamper to make a day of it.  One other thing to note is that you can walk along the cliffside at the North end of the beach to get to Bilgola Beach, which is another nice beach.

In a lot of places, I would probably rave about this beach, but in Sydney, it didn't really have anything to make it stand out from what is a stellar choice of beaches.  When we went, we did as part of a day trip, taking in a few other beaches along that part of the coast.  Specifically, we did Newport Beach, Bilgola Beach, Avalon Beach, Whale Beach and Palm Beach (the Home and Away Beach) in the one day trip.  I wouldn't necessarily recommend doing them all in one day.  I'd probably go to Palm Beach and Barrenjoey Lighthouse, then pick one or two of the other beaches to stop off at on the way home.

Do you have a favourite beach on this part of the coast?  Want to stick up for the black sand beaches I so cruelly dismissed?  Add a comment and add some reason to this discussion

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