Sunday, 3 April 2016

#93 - Lessons and Workshops (SignaturePhoto Photo Tour)

Another one of those very general categories here.  The way that TripAdvisor works, certain 'categories' are listed in the top 100, but within these categories, there are a number of individual activities / things to do.  In these cases, we generally tried to pick one of the highest rated activities within the category.  For this one, we went with a photography workshop, with a company called Signature Photo.

Now obviously, this one heavily depends on whether you're interested in photography or not.  I am quite interested in photography, so that made the course more interesting for me.  However, to take nice photographs, you generally need to see nice things, so even if you're not too interested, then it is quite a pleasant tour.

We met up with the guide, Sarah, in Paddington, along with about 10 other people who were also doing the tour.  There was a wide range of cameras, and Sarah was good at highlighting when advice applied to all cameras, and when it was specific to certain cameras.  There was a good mix of talking about photography, and actually getting out and about to different locations to practice.  

We did learn more than just shooting in black and white.  Honestly...

We went to a few locations around King's Cross and the surrounding area, and took a variety of pictures.  We covered close ups, moving subjects, composition, different lighting conditions etc, etc. If you're interested in photography, you'll get the drift, if you're not interested in photography, you probably stopped reading two paragraphs ago.  The workshop lasted about 4 hours, although there are various other courses and workshops available.

For those looking to improve their photography, this was a great way to spend a few hours and probably deserves to be higher up the list.

Have you been on any of the other tours available?  How about with another company?  If so, please let people know how it was by leaving a comment below.

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