Sunday, 3 April 2016

#94 - Westfield Sydney

This one puzzles me a bit.  Westfield Sydney is a shopping mall.  It's like any other big, modern shopping mall.  It has shops - the same kind of shops you generally see in other shopping malls.  It has cafes and restaurants and stuff.  Again, pretty similar to the ones you would see anywhere else.  I don't know if it maybe gets some votes as a result of having the Sydney Tower Eye attached to it.

Well, at least you can tell this is our photo, and not just copied from the internet...
The Sydney Tower Eye is a valid attraction, but is reviewed separately, and has its own place in the top 100.  If you take the Sydney Tower Eye out of the equation, then I don't really see any reason why this would be in the top 100 ahead of any other shopping mall.  Then again, maybe I just don't know my shopping...

If you are a real shopping buff and can shed some light on why the Westfield is the 94th best thing to do in Sydney, please let us know by leaving a comment

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