Sunday, 3 April 2016

#96 - Olympic Pool North Sydney

In a city with no shortage of swimming pools, there can be few with a more spectacular location than the Olympic Pool in North Sydney.  It is located almost directly underneath the Harbour Bridge, with stunning views of the harbour and city skyline.  The pool itself is a freezing cold 50m pool, with plenty of lanes for swimming.  It can be busy, but I've never seen it so busy that you can't get a decent swim.  Of course, if you haven't swam for years, you might find that 50m is longer than it used to be. You might also be surprised to discover that it is a salt water pool - you'll certainly notice the first time you take a mouthful of water.

It's a shame they couldn't have got it a bit closer to the bridge
The changing rooms are interesting.  By interesting, I mean absolutely ancient and completely dated. In fairness, that is part of the appeal.  I think there are plans to upgrade the facilities, but I'm quite glad we got in while they were still rubbish.  It's part of what makes it different, and it's really interesting to see what was once a state of the art olympic facility.

There is also a restaurant attached to the building, which is supposed to be pretty nice, and certainly has great views.  If you want to take in the nice views yourself without paying for a meal, you get an excellent view from the top of the stands beside the pool.  In saying that, it is such a good location that the great views are everywhere.  It's also a nice spot just to sunbathe for a while if you're too lazy to actually swim.

It's not exactly a luxury spa experience, but well worth a visit for the great views and interesting history.

Did you also get an unexpected mouthful of salt water?  Leave a comment if you have any thoughts or tips for people visiting the Olympic Pool

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