Tuesday, 5 April 2016

#81 - Australian Museum

The Australian Museum is one big beast of a museum.  It's kind of what you expect in a museum.  In an old, sandstone building.  Huge stairways, marble floors and all that jazz.  It also has all the old favourites in the line up: dinosaurs, mummies, the weird endless displays of stuffed birds.  You get the picture.  It's exactly what you would expect.  Well, it's exactly what I expected anyway.

How cool am I, despite having a marauding dinosaur just above my head?

It's located at the less busy side of Hyde Park, just outside the main hustle of the city centre.  I can't remember how much it cost, but I think it was pretty reasonable.  In fact, being an enterprising fellow, I just Googled it now, and it seems to be 15 dollars for general entry, which sounds about what we paid when went.  We had to wait in a small queue when we visited, but I got the distinct feeling that it had seen its fair show of highly unpleasant lengthy queues full of hyperactive children.

Wait a minute, did they die, or did they survive?
Once inside, the place is pretty huge, and over about 4 floors.  In addition to the permanent exhibits, they also have regular special exhibits.  When we went it was a photography exhibition, which was really excellent.  Better than the rest of the museum in my opinion, but it does depend what you prefer.  I would recommend that if you have the flexibility, you wait for a good exhibition that you're interested in.  If you can only go on specific days, then I would still consider it.  If you've never been to a museum before, it will blow your mind.  Assuming you have actually visited other museums, then I don't expect you to be shocked by what you find.  Oh, and they have a rooftop cafe, which has nice views out over Hyde Park and Sydney CBD.

The view from the rooftop cafe towards St Mary's Cathedral
Seen any good exhibits in the Australian Museum?  Got any tips for best sections of the museum? Please leave a comment so people have some views from some mentally stable people too

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