Monday, 4 April 2016

#90 - Camp Cove

Camp Cove is kind of a weird name.  I had no idea what it was, pretty much until we got there.  I pictured a holiday camp type place.  Maybe something like the one in Dirty Dancing.  Thankfully, when we got there we discovered a total lack of people dancing on logs and carrying watermelons.  Turns out, it is a beach.  And quite a nice beach too as it happens.

Not a bad place to call your front garden
It's pretty close to the city, but not that easy to find unless you are looking for it.  You have to walk through some residential streets, and then you go down a path that looks like it will lead to a wheelie bin shelter or something, but just happens to have a stunning beach at the end of it instead.  There are a load of houses along the beachfront, which look a bit like the ones you see in Malibu and places like that.  I imagine they're not too cheap either.  You can walk along the beach, and then up around the rocks, to get a nice view of the beach itself with Sydney in the background, as pictured below.  It was really quiet when we were there too.  Not sure how busy it gets at peak times.

I don't want to cause panic, but this appears to be pointed straight at the CBD

It's not as big as Bondi, but we really enjoyed it.  Our favourite beach in Sydney was Balmoral Beach, but if we lived a bit closer to Camp Cove, then I think it would have been a contender.

What do you think?  Is Camp Cove one of the best beaches in Sydney?  Share your thoughts in the comments below

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