Monday, 4 April 2016

#89 - Government House

Having done the guided tour of this place, I should really be able to tell you a lot more about Government House than I actually can.  Anything to do with politics tends to make me lose the will to live, and I did well to make it out of this place still breathing.  The tour guides clearly love their job.  They are really knowledgeable, and quite proud to be associated with such a historic venue. Sadly for me, their enthusiasm did nothing to make it more than a big, dusty old house in my eyes. Of course, if you're interested in politics and history then you may find this more entertaining than I did. You may also find me retreating to the bar if you ever try to engage me in conversation about it.

Pesky sun - always ruining my pictures

On the plus side, as I do always try to be positive, the gardens were lovely.  Lots of flowers, trees and grass, a view of the water, a fountain - all the things you really need to effectively run a country.  It was really nice for a walk around on a sunny day, and I think it is free to walk around the garden. You might want to check first though.

How can you expect people to govern the country if they don't have a fountain in their garden?
My overall view - if you like political history, do the guided tour.  If you're a shallow, ignorant moron like me, just go for a walk around the gardens instead.

Am I just an uneducated, ignorant simpleton?  Did you find Government House wildly exciting? Defend Government House's dignity with a passionate defence in the comments below

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