Tuesday, 5 April 2016

#83 - Museum of Contemporary Art

If you've been reading the rest of this blog, you'll probably think that modern art is not something I would generally be overly positive about.  And you would be quite perceptive in thinking that.  As far as I am concerned, modern art is an exercise in testing the limits of people's gullibility.  Cutting a cow in half and calling it art?  Seriously?

Anyway, the Museum of Contemporary Art in Sydney is in a prime location in the Rocks, right next to Circular Quay.  The day we went there was a Chuck Close exhibition on display.  If you don't know much about Chuck Close, then you don't know what you're missing.  Chuck Close likes faces. Really likes faces.  And, appropriately enough given his last name, he likes close ups of faces.  So the Chuck Close exhibition was basically a load of pictures of giant, close up faces.  Each to their own.

Well, that is a big face

The rest of the gallery was a relatively random collection of art.  Just the usual things you would expect to see in an art gallery.  Paintings, sculptures, a full size dummy of Spiderman standing in front of an arm with a face instead of a hand.  There was a big clock.  We weren't sure whether it was meant to be art, or whether it was just a clock.  There was also an exhibition on the ground floor.  We weren't sure if it was actually supposed to look the way it did, or whether they were still setting up. All clearly far to sophisticated for my simple mind.

The greatest crime fighting team ever assembled
One excellent aspect to the MCA (as the cool cats call it), is the rooftop cafe.  The food is nothing special, and neither is the seating or general ambiance.  The view however, is excellent.  You can see right out on to Sydney Harbour, including the Harbour Bridge and Opera House.  I think people quite often go just for the cafe itself.  I think you are allowed to go up to the cafe for free, but don't send me the bill if I'm wrong and you get fined for trespassing.

The statue indicating how many feet it has
Do you love big faces?  Are you Chuck Close?  Curious what the statue is pointing at?  Get involved and leave a comment below

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