Tuesday, 5 April 2016

#84 - University of Sydney

I've never really understood why people choose to visit universities unless they are actually attending one.  I suppose if you like architecture and things like that, then it might be relatively interesting, but then, so are lots of hospitals, and I wouldn't put that on my list of places to visit on holiday.  Then again, what do I know - maybe I'm missing out.

The University of Sydney is a reasonably good university, as far as they go.  It has grand, old buildings, some nice modern buildings, some buildings that look like they were designed by the guys who weren't good enough to design the old Soviet apartment blocks, nice big grass areas, etc, etc.

It's not particularly convenient to get to.  It's not too near any train lines, although it is easy enough to get there by bus.  You can even walk from the CBD if you don't mind a 40 minute walk or so.  Once you're there, you can walk around, look at the pretty buildings, sit on the grass, read books you don't understand by philosophers you've never heard of, and of course there are lots of studenty cafes and bars around the place.

That is some well manicured lawn
Don't get me wrong, it's not a bad place to spend some time.  In fact, if you're actually studying there, then I'd imagine it's a very nice place to spend some time.  But for me, it's just not worth a special journey.

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