Monday, 4 April 2016

#87 - Walking Tour

Of all the things we did on our top 100 list, this one can't be beaten for value.  The reason is that the walking tour that we chose to do was the 'I'm Free Walking Tour'.  Now, you may have heard the saying 'there's no such thing as a free lunch'.  In this case, not only was there no free lunch, but the tour itself wasn't really free.  Well, it is free if you have a brass neck, no compassion and a complete disregard for the efforts of other people.

An excavation site in the middle of The Rocks - admittedly this picture doesn't really sell it

Assuming you're not a heartless monster, you will make some payment at the end of the tour, when the tour guide politely asks for donations.  Just to be clear - there genuinely is no obligation to pay, and the guide didn't put people under undue pressure to fork out.  It's not like he went around everyone individually with cap in hand and tearful puppy dog eyes.  They just left a bag or something in the middle of the group and asked you to contribute if you wanted to.  I think we put in 10 dollars each.  I've no idea whether that makes us a pair of gullible mugs, or the heartless monsters I've just described.  In any case, it was enough for us to go about the rest of our day happily with a warm feeling of contentment.

One of the less common views of the Harbour Bridge, with the much more common camera blur in our photo

Anyway, the tour itself is, as it says, a walking tour around Sydney.  They have different routes available, but we did the night tour of The Rocks.  You just turn up at the arranged meeting point, get a free map, and follow the guide, who will be wearing a t-shirt to identify themselves.  The guide takes you around the area, stopping at various points to regale you with hugely entertaining tales of Sydney's past.  It's a great way to see the area and hear about the history of the place.

Given the nature of the tour, if you don't like it, you can always just bugger off when you get bored.  I thought it was well worth the full tour though, and would definitely recommend it.

Have you done this tour, or another walking tour?  Just a huge fan of walking in general?  Start a conversation in the comments and we can join the walking community as one

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